If you’re planning to open a hotel or even manage one then it’s important that you have a hotel training certificate. This will provide you with the knowledge and information necessary in order to run the hotel properly. If you don’t have the proper credentials then it’s not unlikely that you could be barred from doing hotel operations, this includes taking a foreign guest.


A template used for training purposes is going to provide you with the essential information required by the Hotel and Motel Regulations that are in place in most areas. This information will allow you to prepare the paperwork that is needed to make sure that you meet all the regulations. It will also provide you with a method of learning that can be duplicated for every trainee as well as information on the different topics that you will cover.


Every person who signs up for a hotel job will be subjected to a written examination. The examination is conducted under the provisions laid out by the HCTP. You’ll need to pass this exam before you’ll be awarded your license to operate a hotel. The templates available online have been created by experts in the field who know exactly what the exam consists of and how it is conducted. This means you can rest assured that the information you’ve read is correct, and that you’ll have everything you need to pass.

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Free Hotel Training Certificate Template
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