Free Jar Label Template

Free Jar Label Template


Jar Labels are not the same as sticker paper or other paper for that matter and do not have the same adhesive properties. While both are pretty robust, they are made of different stuff. A sticker paper is either glue or thermal tape and a paper label template is either an adhesive template or simply paper. They are then cut into the correct shapes depending on the item to be placed on, the size and placement, and other specifications. This means a little bit of advance planning is required when choosing which label template to use in a given situation.


The four-ounce mason jar is best suited for the use of labeling food products. It is easy to use and you can even use the double sealed tops as adhesive for the best results. To get the appropriate fit for your mason jars, measure the inside diameter and height and divide by four to get the quart size. Most templates offer templates in one dimension only, but if you need them to be cut to a smaller size, simply contact your printer and ask for a discount on the printing charges.


If you are looking to use the mason jar as a gift container, you might want to consider using a stickeryou mold for the product label. Stickeryou molds can be purchased at your local craft store or online. This type of stickeryou mold allows you to create a three dimensional object from a simple stick and is ideal for gifts and decorative containers.


Other containers can be printed on with ease, including plastic, glass, porcelain, aluminum, and other solid or semi-solid materials. All that is required is to prepare the material beforehand, heat it up in the canning machine, and place the object on top of the hot plate. Once the object is cool, remove it from the canning rack and print on the canning labels or stickeryou mold. You can then easily laminate the product. For more ideas on how to design mason jars, take a trip down to your nearest craft store or browse online.

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