The Kindergarten School Desk Calendar Template is an easy to use and fun way to create your own calendar for your children. Each page of the calendar can be decorated in a different way to make it unique and memorable for each month. With this calendar, your children will get to learn about the different months and have fun filling in the dates on each page! It can also serve as a great activity to help them with their handwriting skills. Each month can feature a different theme such as animals or shapes. You can even find some that are more girly with a girly lion or princess with a butterfly and fairies for the boys.


The Kindergarten School Desk Calendar Template comes with over 30 pages including the month of March, April, May, June, July and August. You can choose which month you want the calendar to have a picture of depending on which month you are having your special day. Some come with a magnetic page cover so it is easier to write on, but I personally prefer not to touch the template itself, I just simply write on the corresponding day and place it under the calendar to do its thing! You can use stickers, stamps or pens for the captions on the pages too.


The Kindergarten School Desk Calendar Template can serve as a great activity to motivate your kids to do their homework each day! They will love creating their favorite characters and putting together all the parts for the various activities they need to do homework each day. You can also print it out and use it as a fun decoration for your home. It makes a great present for any occasion – birthdays, Christmas or Easter! What better present could you possibly find?

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Free Kindergarten School Desk Calendar Template
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