Free Luggage Tag Template

Free Luggage Tag Template


A luggage tag is an essential item to have around if you travel a lot. With a luggage tag you can not only make your bag more identifiable, but you can also have a way of contacting your baggage on the conveyor belt when it is not your turn to check in. You do need to buy a good template for this however, as there are many cheap ones that will rip or tear easily in transit. These templates can be found at a few different places online.


It is a good idea to print out a picture template before actually buying your luggage tag template. Take a photo of the bag that you intend to put onto your luggage tag and then upload it onto your computer. Use a high quality printer that is capable of printing large documents. Give the file a download to your computer, or if you don’t have a computer then open it up in an Adobe application like Microsoft Word or Publisher. Use the arrow keys to point it in the directions as you want. Print it out, change the design and then again save it to your computer.


Luggage tags have become an essential item for travellers, especially those who travel frequently. They are a great way of ensuring that you do not forget important items in your bags while travelling. Even if you do not carry a lot of valuables with you, it is still important to label each bag so that you know where to find what you need. When travelling you want to be able to identify your bags quickly and easily so that you can go about your business without worrying about lost belongings.

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