Free Management Organizational Chart Template

Free Management Organizational Chart Template


An organizational chart is a document that outlines the positions and responsibilities of every employee in an organization. This is a great way for a manager to keep track of the responsibilities of all employees while on a yearly basis. An organizational chart can be used to show the chain of command so that the manager can keep track of who is responsible for which department at what time. The basic format of a management organizational chart template is very simple. All you need is the name of the department, a short description of the position or job title and a few lines that summarize the history of the department or position to which the person is assigned. Next to the line it could say something like: Manager of… and the date, you can indicate the name of the department or position that this person is responsible for.


Some organizational chart templates are easier to use than others. The problem with an organizational chart template is that it can often be difficult to input data into it. If you are not sure of the title of the person to whom the organizational chart belongs then it can be very difficult to put that person’s name into the chart. Another problem with organizational charts is that they are difficult to read.


Some people find it far more useful to have a whole presentation, with all its presentation design and layout on their computer than to print out and distribute the same to everyone who needs a copy. Online programs make creating an organizational chart a snap. All you need to do is enter some information into the fields that are provided and click the “create” button. In no time at all you have a stunning chart to share with your staff. There are even programs available that will allow you to print off your own organizational chart for your staff meetings. So if you are looking for a quick and easy way to chart the progress of your company or department, then an organizational chart template is just what you are looking for.

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