Marketing Book Cover Templates provides authors with the ability to create professional-looking book covers that get the attention of readers. When used by a self-publishing author, it is important to use high quality professionally designed templates for the best results. Using pre-designed templates with affiliate links scattered about in all directions costs the author nothing but time. It is a good investment for the aspiring author who wants to maximize the potential of his or her written work by having it published and marketed in areas where it will be readily available to a larger audience.


The most attractive, professional looking book cover templates give the reader an instant feeling that the author took a lot of time and effort to design and create the product. These cover templates and banners also give authors a chance to showcase their talents and their unique selling points. Being able to use the right type of graphics allows authors to promote their books on various sites, such as at ClickBank, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. In addition, being able to promote their books effectively using a self-publishing or affiliate marketing book cover template reduces the author’s chances of getting no business. Many affiliates make money without sending out a single email, whereas authors can sell hundreds of books easily and for much higher prices when they send out consistent marketing messages through the use of a quality marketing book cover template.


To find a variety of templates or banners that can be used for self-publishing eBooks, an author simply needs to do a search on the internet. A variety of different templates are available and depending upon the intended audience, authors might want to consider different types of graphics. For example, if the intended audience is professionals, the author may want to use a header graphic with the text incorporated in a darker font. Another great tip is to place a logo in the top right corner of the page where people can see it easily.

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