FREE Marketing Example Gantt Chart Template

FREE Marketing Example Gantt Chart Template

A marketing example is a graphical representation of a typical marketing process used to compare and contrast two different views of the same subject. The example can be compared in terms of time, price, results, or impact on sales. It is very common to have the marketing plan prepared in this format. The example generally shows a customer experience with a product but can also show the marketing strategy that is being employed to reach a particular group of customers or demographic. In many cases, it will show several products or services offered by the company.


When using a Gantt chart template, you need to identify what views you are trying to represent with the data you are presenting. This will allow you to then choose the template that best represents your company’s goals. For example, if you are presenting data about sales growth, you would use a bar graph. If you are looking at a company’s profitability, you would more likely want to use a line graph or a pie chart. The data you are presenting needs to be clearly laid out so that viewers can understand it and make a judgment about your business.


A Gantt chart template comes with a variety of different formats. You can choose the option that best matches the information you are presenting. If your goal is to create a flow chart, then a pie chart would look best. However, if you are simply trying to represent a point in time, you can use either a bar chart or a line graph. You can also find charts that are broken down into several different views, such as a monthly or yearly breakdown. If you need a bit more flexibility in the data that you present, you may wish to select the view that shows the cumulative total over time.

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