Free Notice: Thank You For Practicing Social Distancing Label Template

Free Notice: Thank You For Practicing Social Distancing Label Template


“Thank You for Practicing Social Distancing Label Template” by Karen Smith is a practical guide to using the power of “social distance” in business communications. The author clearly states what “social distance” is and how to apply it to a variety of situations. Smith is very clear in describing what constitutes “social distance” and what is required to maintain a consistent and harmonious distance in interactions with others. This book is chock full of excellent practical tips and illustrations. Smith also includes many case studies that make this text stands out as an exemplary study guide on effective use of “social distance.”


The “Thank You” letter is a common scenario that can have some negative consequences when not handled correctly. When a thank you note is sent after an event, there is little room for error, and it may be interpreted as a final offer to say thanks. If you are practicing “social distance” in your correspondence, be sure to take the time to send thank you notes at the appropriate times and in the proper format. In this manner, you will show your true professionalism through your thank you note, and your clients will truly see the value of your awareness and consideration for their time and business.


Smith provides an excellent template that you can use for your own notes. However, to ensure its effectiveness, take time to practice writing the same note for different customers, clients, and circumstances. Doing so will help you to build a system and practice sending the same thank you note at the appropriate times for each letter. In addition, once you have practiced this, consider writing a thank you note for a different customer, client, or situation and use the same template as you write it for these other contacts. Your thank you note will demonstrate your understanding and professionalism, and your customers will feel more confident about doing business with you based on your awareness and courtesy.

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