Free Payroll Hourly Schedule Template

Free Payroll Hourly Schedule Template

A payroll hourly schedule template can save you time and money by automating much of the payroll process. Because each employee is paid an hourly wage, it is unnecessary to provide them with a pay slip for each hour they work. The template can be used to create a system that automatically deducts money from your paycheck, giving you the ability to simply hand your employees their checks as they come in. Since many companies do not allow employees to take home their pay until the day it is due, this can be a huge time saver.


Since each employee’s hourly pay is set by their manager, it can be difficult to simply hand out their paychecks on a weekly basis. By using a template, you can hand your employees their checks without having to worry about remembering the names of each person, or having to address the envelopes to each person individually. Since all the information will be on the template, it will be easy for the person doing the cash rolls to ensure they have the correct amounts of each pay period’s checks.


Payroll templates are available in many different formats. If you need a hard copy, you can even order it online. If you prefer to use an online format, there are a variety of options to choose from. You can get a free template or choose a paid option, which will provide a more detailed experience. With a paid service, you have the ability to customize your template to your company’s specifications, giving you the ability to accurately represent your hours of labor to your employees. Both options are easy to use and give you the opportunity to put a little personality into your workplace.

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