Free Price Tag Template

Free Price Tag Template


A price tag template is a graphical display that usually shows the retail price of an item or service so that consumers can easily compare costs among different vendors. Price tags are usually printed on the product packaging, in small print on the label or both. They are then used as a reference by customers to price check the item or service they want. Price tags are particularly important in retail sales since they help shoppers compare prices and the quality of products and services.


There are several types of price tag templates available in the market. Some are ready-made, while others come in pieces, and are pre-formatted and ready for use. The advantage of using pre-formatted templates is that you can modify them to fit your company’s product line, thus eliminating the need to go out and purchase new labels. However, if you do not want to alter existing designs, you might want to consider using ready-made templates. This option allows you to get a template, label it and have it printed right in the store.


You can also make your own price tag templates if you know the appropriate software to do so. Software that creates tag images includes Adobe Indesign along with other graphics design tools. There are several advantages of creating your own template for price tags, one of which is that you do not have to be technical. All you need to do is make a few selections in your chosen software and get your tag image printed. If you decide to go out and buy a variety of labels to customize your store’s product line, you will be happy that you decided to use pre-made price tag templates.

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