Free Printable Product Label Template

Free Printable Product Label Template


If you are in the process of creating a new product design or you simply want to give your existing designs a face lift, then it’s worth considering using a printable product label template. The most common reasons for using templates are to improve upon, create or maintain brand recognition for a given product or to simply enhance the look of a given product. Templates can either be printable or require printing on a template CD. This article takes a closer look at how to use a template and what you should keep in mind before you choose a template.


A printable CD template normally consists of a product overview, a company logo or graphic design, details about the manufacturing process or any special request, claims and disclaimers and finally a final printout that can be used to print out at home, to laminate or to frame. It is important when using template CD’s to ensure that you have included all of the relevant information in a meaningful way and try to make your template as unique as possible to suit your particular needs. Templates that contain images often come with a limited printable area but a good template will allow you to change or delete the images that you wish to use. Changing images is an easy task and often requires only minor alterations to the design.


If you choose to use a CD product label template for a product that you are designing yourself, then it is important that you carefully read through all of the instructions to ensure that you understand how to properly apply the template and that you don’t make any mistakes that might result in the production of an invalid CD. Many online product label providers offer a full guarantee on all of their products and will even help you to print out a proof before you use the template in your production batch. If you are not comfortable using the software then it is worth asking for help from one of the customer service e-mail teams that many of these companies employ. It is always best to be safe than sorry when dealing with complicated machinery, tools and software!

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