Free Process Chart Template

Free Process Chart Template


One thing that can be pretty easy to accomplish in an Excel workbook is creating a process chart. A process chart is simply one which combines the visual representation of data with explanatory text. These visual representations can be made in many different ways and the one that you use will almost certainly vary depending on what type of data you are representing and how complicated the visual interpretation of that data may be. The easiest way to get started creating a process chart is to simply open a new workbook, make a series of cells that are rectangular, fit the series of cells into each other, and then plot the series of cells on their top right hand side of the workbook.


Once the series of cells has been plotted on the worksheet, you can then use the copy button on the worksheet to reproduce the data within the cells onto another worksheet. Now you just need to put in a caption for the cells to display information on. You should also make sure that you fill in the size of the cells that are being displayed so that the process chart template that you choose can fit properly onto the appropriate dimensions of the workbook’s cells. Finally, if you would like the cells to highlight in the chart, you can simply highlight them with the normal highlighting method that you have come to know and love using Excel.


The main thing to keep in mind when you are trying to choose a process chart template is that it represents the data that you are representing properly. If the data that you have in the cells are all zeros and nothing else, then the template may look messy or chaotic. By putting in some sort of border around the cells and formatting the title correctly, the data will actually look more presentable. This means that if you do go ahead and choose this process chart template, you will not have to spend hours trying to make the data fit on the template so that the chart looks good.

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