The free professional book cover template is basically a.psd file which you are able to simply open and modify. It contains a header with your name and authors, a list of chapters, different styles and colors, an optional header, and a place for your logo or book name. The placeholders are also customizable depending on your needs and choices. The customization allows you to include text, a picture, a logo or book cover, a description, or a combination of several of these things to create a professional look that is really professional, not just cheap looking.


Most people use the template to quickly and easily create good looking covers for their eBooks. For example, the cover design templates MS Word contain features which allow you to create a custom cover page quickly. You are able to select headers, chapter headings, optional subheading text, chapter descriptions, chapter names, page titles, page names, page descriptions, images, and more. You are then able to save the resulting layout as a.psc file which you will then be able to use with other programs like Adobe Photoshop, Google Sketchup, CorelDraw, and others to create professional looking book covers.


There are a variety of other free professional book cover templates available on the internet as well. Many of these templates are available as Word and Excel spreadsheets, but you may also come across some that are in HTML format. These types of templates are usually better for professional graphic designers or software developers who are creating high-end graphics or illustrations. However, if you’re only trying to create a quick and easy cover for your book, then a Word template may be adequate. If you’re going to be using this free template to promote your business, you may want to invest in professionally designed templates from a professional company.

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