Free Progress Gantt chart with Events Template

Free Progress Gantt chart with Events Template

A simple and very convenient chart, the Progress Gantt chart with events is used in business, education, politics and other human endeavors. In case of the business world, it is the chart that shows the production and sales over a period of time. The events on this chart is actually the outcome of certain plans or strategies that will result in the production of a certain product or the achievement of a certain goal. For the purpose of this template, the Gantt chart method is considered to be the most logical and practical approach.


Basically, the Business Process Management, also abbreviated as BPM, the framework is actually a tool that managers use to organize, plan and direct their organization’s process. It can be defined as an executive chart that lists the main activities that will lead to the firm’s success or failure in a certain industry or in any endeavor. For this template, you will be required to enter some general information about the company and its main business objective. After doing so, the next step will be for you to indicate the target dates or objectives that are relevant to the business. The graph will then be generated as per these events.


A successful template in this industry must be very interactive, since it allows the user to be able to modify the different aspects of the chart. Other than that, it must be very attractive and appealing to the eyes. Finally, the appearance of the template should be such that the overall visual appeal will definitely entice more clients to come and visit the company’s website. Although there are free Gantt charts available online, they are generally not the best tool to achieve your business targets because of their incomplete information.

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