Free Real Estate Name Tag Template

Free Real Estate Name Tag Template


For those who don’t know what a Real Estate Name Tag Template is, here is a simple definition: It is a database that includes names of all tenants, including occupants, on a particular property. The “property” is the database and names are entered into it by the property owner or by an agent on behalf of the owner. The “name” part of the database is updated monthly as and when any new tenants move in. In some cases, when a property owner wants to change the name of one of his tenants, he can update the property’s database. This means that whenever someone new moves in, he will get a new Real Estate Name Tag Template in the form of an electronic entry (usually by e-mail).


While all this was happening, there would be an open dialogue about whose turn it was in the Real Estate Name Tag Template database. The new tenant would often ask if he is listed there and who is next. This would invariably result in the new occupant changing the name of his Tenant to something more attractive…or so he might think. Now, there is a problem here. Since the database is updated monthly and there are thousands of names changing hands, this can have an unhelpful knock on effect – if you happen to be the new resident, who happens to be the owner, you have suddenly become the new landlord.


You see, while you could keep the original owner’s name and use it as your own, chances are very high that you won’t get the good reviews that you got when you first rented the property. Also, the landlord might not find the value of his property at the end of every month. In such cases, he might want to sell the property before the end of his contract to avoid any financial losses. In this case, using a Real Estate Name Tag Template can be a blessing in disguise – it saves him time, money and energy, not to mention that he does not have to go through the tedious process of replacing all the old flyers and making brand new ones.

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