Salary Certificate is basically a legal document given to an individual by the employer to certify his continuous employment with an organization. This certificate is created on the behalf of the employer, usually on the company letterhead and an official business stamp and signature. A salary certificate normally covers basic information regarding the salary of the worker, the duration of his employment, and finally the bonus or salary credited as per the agreement. It should be noted that a certificate of salary does not have legal validity in case of any misrepresentation or non-disclosure.


The next step in Salary Certificate format is to list down the salaried salaries that have been agreed upon between the employer and the employee. In the United Kingdom, this is done on a monthly basis. The first line in the form shows the name of the person who is being paid monthly. Following this is the column where the name of the employer is entered followed by blank lines where the employee’s name should be entered. For those employees who have been employed continuously for a specified number of months, they are credited with a wage bonus of that amount in addition to their regular monthly salary.


The next form in the Salary Certificate format is the section where the sum of all bonuses and salaries are entered. The salary amount of the employee is added up form the monthly salaries which he receives and listed in the top of the form. The next line in the format indicates the deductions. These are deducted from the total amount of the salary. Following this are the final columns in the format which indicates the remaining deductions which need to be taken from the salary and the net sum of all the sums has been written down in the column given at the bottom of the form.

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