Salary Certificate template is a kind of documentation that contains information on an individual’s salary earned by an employer. This kind of paperwork is usually prepared for use in the registration of payroll with an individual or company and contains details like total wages, hours worked, gross salary, deductions, bonus, retirement benefits, tips, etc. Also known as a certificate or record of earnings, this type of paperwork is used for various tax reporting purposes like filing of tax return, obtaining EI or CPP benefits, and obtaining health insurance premiums from employers. Usually a salaried person has to submit this document along with their income tax return to the employer for getting the salary calculations. In Canada, these forms are commonly prepared by private payroll preparation service providers.


In recent times, the demand for these types of paperwork has grown tremendously since most of the businesses are utilizing computers for maintaining the records. Hence, many companies have now started providing online services for processing employee salary certificates so that the employees can easily obtain this information online by logging into the website of the company. Moreover, they can also view their salaries online anytime and anywhere they want.


Currently, there are various types of template available in the market for different fields including Health, Property, Liability, and Retirement, which are commonly used in Canada. However, you must ensure that the template you have selected is in Word format. Word format is considered to be the most popular software used for publishing Word documents on the Internet because it is easy to use and has various powerful features. If you want to obtain the best results, it is recommended to download a free trial version of Word before using it in your professional set up. You can even tweak some of its advanced features and generate a certificate in this word format.

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