Free Sales Flyer Template

Free Sales Flyer Template


Free sales flyers are available to everyone who would like to promote their business using this medium. It is important to understand that the product you sell should be well-defined, easy to understand and offer excellent customer service. The sales flyer must have a striking headline, easy to read text, and a strong call to action. This is where many sales flyers fall short. While these elements may be simple on paper, they are very difficult to organize, follow and utilize. When a flyer does not generate an immediate sale, it will almost certainly be ineffective.


An effective sales flyer should contain five specific sections: product information, testimonials, service information, contact information and a signature block. Product information should outline each product’s features and provide precise descriptions of how the product can benefit the buyer. Testimonials are equally as important as the product information. These sections should clearly communicate the benefits of the product and why the customer should make a purchase. A contact information section is necessary to enable interested customers to leave feedback, as well as provide additional contact information if the prospect needs further information.


Once you have your text, photos, graphics and headlines organized, it is time to create the most effective copy. Copy that is written for a flyer is often more effective than a sales letter because of its conversational format. Sales letters are often written in a highly formal style, but the flyer’s conversational tone and personal approach to generate far more response.

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