Free Sample Advertising Gantt Chart Template

Free Sample Advertising Gantt Chart Template

A Sample Advertising Gantt Chart is a graphical representation of the main views of an advertising sales process. It is usually used to illustrate the stages of the sales process in a simple step-by-step way and help in decision making during the sales process itself. This template was originally designed by Robert C. Gantt, who along with his son Garth created the Adobe Illustrator program. The template has gone through several modifications and variations until what we have today.


Each line in the template represents one of the four main views of the advertising sales process: planning, creating, selling or closing. Depending on which view is used, the color of the line changes accordingly, i.e., from blue to green, orange to red, and finally purple. The idea of the layout was that the different colors of the lines placed on the chart would give an idea of the product or service being sold. The lines then represent the salesperson’s task on each view of the template.


A Sample Advertising Gantt Chart can be used in any advertising or sales department to represent the basic steps of the sales process. It provides immediate feedback of each activity from the sales team and allows for the easy monitoring and revision of activities. A template of this kind is ideal to use in a sales process that will involve salespeople from various departments. The flexibility of this tool and the ease with which the changes can be made when necessary to make it a highly valued part of many salespeople’s daily work.

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