Free Sample Preventive Maintenance Schedule Template

Free Sample Preventive Maintenance Schedule Template

When you are looking for a quality sample preventive maintenance schedule template for your company, there are many places to turn to. One of the best sources for this is MS word. Word is a professional word processor and one of the most widely used word processors on the market. Word does have it’s limitations as a document format however. A lot of what is written on a Word document will not be able to be edited or saved as a PDF.


Luckily, there are several programs that can convert any Word document into a PDF. These programs are available online and can make PDF files very easily. You can then use the resulting PDF to create a custom preventive maintenance plan or run periodic checks on the equipment in your warehouse. The converted file format is compatible with almost all software applications. Most notably Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Firefox, and Sun Staroffice 8.3.


There are several benefits to using a PDF for your company’s preventive maintenance plan. One benefit is the compatibility with almost every other software application on the market. Since most documents are already in PDF format, converting them to a. KB version of the document makes it extremely likely that any other software application can open it without problems. Another benefit is that since the majority of printing services provide a PDF format file, printing companies can take the generated PDF and include it in their list of items needing repair.

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