Free Sample Process Gantt Chart Template

Free Sample Process Gantt Chart Template

A Sample Construction Gantt Chart Template is a chart which can be used for planning the progress of a construction job. It shows the phases that are to be executed during the course of the job and it also helps to plan the resource allocation of a construction project. In order to prepare this type of chart, the software required is Adobe InDesign. The template is a Portable Document Format and so you do not have to convert it to any other format before using it in different applications.


There are several things that one needs to keep in mind while creating a template. Firstly it should be able to show the different phases of a construction project. Once the phases have been identified in the chart should also contain the materials required for each phase in the construction. Other important information like the amount of money and manpower that will be required, as well as the quantity of material and tools needed for the completion of the construction should be added.


The sample chart template that we are discussing here comes with six panels. Each panel has a title, headings, notes, cells and a final data section for adding the data. The data can be saved in the selected cells and the template can be easily printed if required. One can even use the same template over again if one feels it is necessary.

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