Free Sample Proposal Gantt Chart Template

Free Sample Proposal Gantt Chart Template

A Sample Proposal Gantt Chart template is a cost-effective approach to presenting project estimation and planning information to customers. This is often used in business development/corporate plans for executives, entrepreneurs, and start-up companies. This is often considered the “in thing” when it comes to planning and organizing large undertakings such as mergers and acquisitions, investment projects, and commercial real estate ventures. In addition, many corporations use a Gantt chart to gauge the speed with which they are progressing through planning and development activities. A Gantt chart can be used to display project estimation, schedule, and cost status information for a wide variety of business activities.


When using this template, you will have the benefit of a flexible layout that allows you to add notes and enter data as you wish. You can even tailor the template to reflect your particular organization and industry. The template allows for easy transfer of information from Excel to the projector where it is presented on a large, high-quality graph. Additional elements can be added to the template such as line charts, pie charts, histograms, and graphs. These additional elements allow you to create the necessary information and compare them against your organization’s goals and objectives.


A Gantt chart is often the first step a company takes to determine its course of action. It can be utilized to display project status, facilitate communication between management and staff, and track efficiency and progress over time. The best way to utilize a Gantt chart is in the proposal preparation process to solicit venture capital and negotiate deal agreements. Business proposal software such as Microsoft Excel can be utilized to create the template and all of the required information. You may also want to include other types of visual displays such as graphs, charts, and pie charts if desired.

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