Free Sample Workflow Gantt Chart Template

Free Sample Workflow Gantt Chart Template

A Gantt chart is a tool that is used in project management to show project progress through the life cycle of a project. It can be implemented as a waterfall or a line chart, depending on the organization’s requirements and method for tracking workflows. A typical Gantt chart template consists of a column for each task or activity and labels for input and output dates, deadlines, status bar, and more. The template also shows how to add input data from various sources and how to automatically process them into workflows that can be activated and stopped at any time.


With a simple but complete Gantt template, managing workflows becomes much easier for project managers. This type of tool can also be used as a guideline for planning a project’s expenses so that resources can be planned ahead of time. In addition, it allows for better allocation of resources so that work on some projects does not consume too much of a manager’s time while on others. In this manner, the Gantt chart can be both a guide and a method for accomplishing organizational goals. As such many companies use a sample workflow to train their staff or provide refresher courses to keep employees up to date on current projects.


Many companies have chosen to implement a Gantt chart template as a resource to help them effectively manage projects. It can be found free online, and many IT departments have been able to find templates that are easy to use and that will allow them to track a project’s progress over time. Moreover, by implementing the right template, project managers can ensure that the flow of information from the top down is smooth and effective. By following a few simple steps, the whole process can be made much easier to manage. With the template in place, project managers can then focus on getting the job done by establishing effective workflow processes that lead to optimal resource utilization and cost savings throughout the project.

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