Free Simple Analysis Gantt Chart Template

Free Simple Analysis Gantt Chart Template

A Gantt chart template is a graphical representation of an investment plan or project and is very commonly used in planning operations for financial teams, corporations, and other organizations that require timely execution of complex projects. It has become the tool of choice for analysts to construct the time schedule and manage the budget of any organization. There are many uses and formats of this type of chart template including a simple analysis using only key performance indicators to more complex ones that include a full range of various factors. Regardless of the format chosen, a well-developed template provides analysts with a visual image of how the project and its associated data will affect the business over a period of time.


The most popular type of diagram is the line chart and it compares the value of a single indicator such as a price or a production to its equivalent in terms of another indicator such as revenues. The key to success is to plot the chart as close to true to actual results as possible while avoiding the extreme. This is extremely important as companies often operate on a very tight budget and a large deviations from predicted results can quickly spiral out of control. Avoiding these surprises is important and the best way to do so is to plot your own chart as if you were experiencing the chart as true and average values rather than the range over which the actual result deviates from the predicted trend line.


Analyzing data to create reports and projections is a process that requires analysts to apply technical analysis to the data they have collected. If a company analyzes the supply and demand in the markets, for example, then finding the relationship between demand and supply will require taking into consideration the relationship between quantities and quality. A Gantt chart template helps in this process by providing a visual representation of the data gathered. In the example above, the demand in the market can be seen as a solid line whilst the quality of the supply is represented by a curved line. To understand the relationship between these two variables more thoroughly it is necessary to analyze the data further using more sophisticated analysis tools.

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