Free Simple Business Gantt Chart Template

Free Simple Business Gantt Chart Template

One of the best ways to keep track of your daily and monthly progress is using a simple business Gantt chart. You can use this type of template for any business that has a daily or monthly schedule. It helps business owners better manage their time and see exactly where they are at in order to make adjustments to the overall plan. The process is very easy to understand since it breaks down everything into categories. The top left part of the template shows the date and time on which the task was started, while the right part indicates how long it will take to complete.


A very important part of a simple business Gantt chart is the column that shows what each task is for. You should be able to identify which category the task belongs to. This way, you can easily determine what is due to which person or team, once you have listed down all the tasks in the relevant categories. Once you have listed down all the projects, you can then sort them out by priority. The tasks that are due the closest to the bottommost can be bumped off the list once they have been completed, while those that are further along or that are of a higher level of importance should be prioritized accordingly.


The process of using a Gantt chart to plan out your business is very easy. However, you do need to remember that there are certain requirements that you need to meet in order for you to successfully use it. First, you should have a business plan that is well written and comprehensive enough to include all the details you need. You should also be able to properly identify which tasks are urgent, as well as the current status of each project in your business.

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