Free Simple Communication Gantt Chart Template

Free Simple Communication Gantt Chart Template

Using a simple communication tool such as the Gantt chart is extremely helpful for managers and executives who are seeking to improve on organizational performance. This communication tool allows you to set up performance goals that can be accomplished within a specific period of time. It also allows you to measure how long it took to accomplish a specific goal. If you wish to know more about how this type of tool can be helpful then please keep reading as we take a look at a sample Gantt chart using the Microsoft Office Suite.


Microsoft Excel 2021 comes with the Microsoft Project Professional and a Microsoft Sharepoint Workspace. Now, if you wish to learn more about using Gantt charts in your business communication tool then please keep reading as we continue to examine the Gantt chart template in the Microsoft Sharepoint Workspace. When you open the spreadsheet, you will see a standard view of the chart. You will also see the names of the worksheets that are associated with each cell in the chart. There is also a range of customization options available in Excel, so you may want to try some of them out and see what works best for your company.


By default, a worksheet named “Performance” is present in the Microsoft Project Professional and contains all the values that are related to the current status of the company such as the profit and loss account. If you have not customized this worksheet and would like to do so then you can select the “customize” link that is located on the top right corner of the workbook. There is also an option to select the type of presentation that you would like to use in Excel. The customization options available in the Excel worksheet will allow you to change the color theme and the appearance of the text boxes and fonts.

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