Free Simple Employee Gantt Chart Template

Free Simple Employee Gantt Chart Template

A Simple Employee Gantt Chart is a tool that can be used by any business, large or small, to measure the time it takes to complete various different jobs. The way this chart works is quite simple in theory. One of the employees needs to input data into the system, such as how many boxes of materials need to be stored at a factory, and the number of boxes per employee. Once this information has been processed, the system will tell the employees that boxes need to be filled first so that production can continue. The software then calculates how long it takes to get each box filled according to the order list and will send an employee an order status alert when the work is completed, much in the same way that an order confirmation email would be sent.


The template method of calculating manufacturing output used in this example is very simplistic, however; there are other templates that may be more appropriate depending on the type of business and the needs of its employees. Many large companies, for example, require their employees to enter a lot of data and process large amounts of information at once. In these instances, a template with multiple worksheets would probably be more appropriate, as each of the sheets would be used to calculate the required output and communicate it to the other parts of the organization. Similarly, some smaller companies may only have one or two rows of data, and a simpler template would be best used in these situations.


Because a Simple Employee Gantt Chart template is so easy to use, it is widely used within the office environment. Many companies find it much easier to use than paper charts and it is also highly customizable, allowing it to be used for just about any purpose. Furthermore, because the template merely displays a single value, there are no worries about duplication of data or unnecessary calculations since the required data has already been formatted into the template. Therefore, this type of template can be a very useful tool for both the office and the management. In fact, since it is so versatile and simple to use, many companies find that it is much more efficient than charts and other types of employee performance appraisal tools.

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