Free Simple Finance Gantt Chart Template

Free Simple Finance Gantt Chart Template

A simple finance report is the result of a series of spreadsheets that show the flow of funds over a period of time, usually from month to month. The information shown can be very complex and may be comparable to that of a complex financial graph or table. This is because the more elements that are required to generate the final output the more the number of formulas needed and the more programming skills it requires. This is where a template comes in handy.


Using a template to produce a simple finance report makes the entire process of coming up with the report much easier and faster. Not only does the template contain the required data but the end result is a ready made chart or table that can be used in Excel or in the Microsoft Office application. There are different types of templates available depending on what kind of business you have. Small businesses may find it more useful to use a spreadsheet like format that shows the month’s end balance in terms of cash flow. Larger companies with more complex reports may require the type of chart that shows the year’s end results in terms of revenue versus expenses.


The next step in the production of a simple finance report is the generation of the report itself. The template contains fields that need filled in order for the report to be generated. It also has formulas that are to be integrated into the report in order to ensure that they are calculated correctly. This also speeds up the process of generating the report.

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