Free Simple Gift Tag Template

Free Simple Gift Tag Template


A simple gift tag is a gift card given directly to the person on a special occasion. A gift tag is a small pre-printed gift card, often made of plastic, paper or cloth, which can be inserted into a gift card pouch or envelope, and then taken to the appropriate location to be presented to the person on the special occasion. A tag can be as simple as a name, address and a short message. More elaborate tags may have a picture of the giver and may have additional information about the giver, such as their hobbies, or special gratitude for a service provided. There are many occasions on which tags are used, but the most popular is a birthday, wedding or Christmas gift, though it can be used for any occasion that you feel a person might enjoy receiving a gift card.


When choosing a simple gift tag template, you want to choose one that is simple and easy to read. You do not want a card with lots of extras on it, especially when the person who will receive the gift already has many extras they need. Simple gift tags usually contain the name of the giver, address and a short message. You will find that the more sophisticated gift tags also have a picture of the giver and may include additional information. These may include a birth date or a short poem. Some companies offer pre-printed gift tags at very competitive prices, and it is very easy to order them online from the comfort of your own home.


When you choose a gift tag template, you want to choose one that you know the person will like. It is a good idea to take a look at the different cards that you have to choose from so you know what will be suitable for the occasion. Some people like artwork, while others prefer to put their names and addresses on there. Some people also like ribbons, etc while others prefer not to have any. You want to make sure the card looks nice, especially if you are giving it to someone who is very proud of their appearance. A simple gift tag is the perfect solution, and you will find that most people who receive them absolutely love them.

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