Free Simple Network Gantt Chart Template

Free Simple Network Gantt Chart Template

A Simple Network Gantt Chart Template is a common tool used by IT managers to plan their day-to-day network resources. It is a tool which allows users to visualize a network and the data associated with it on a single Gantt chart. The diagram displays a graphical representation of the work that is going on in the network, from user to server to department and so forth. This allows the IT manager to easily assess the present state of his infrastructure and network and gauge future needs.


A network manager can make use of a network management Gantt chart template to keep track of the progress of their IT systems over time. A network manager would be well advised to create one or more of these charts on a regular basis, as this can help them evaluate their current network management practices and identify areas for improvement. It helps to determine the current state of one’s network and gauge long term goals and targets in network planning. The template can be created as per the requirements of the company. It is a tool which can be of immense help to the IT manager in formulating a good business model and ensuring that the business objectives are consistently met.


There are different types of charts that can be created when using Gantt charts, including the following: Static flowcharts that show a summary of network traffic by department and level, which can also include statistics; moving flowcharts that depict network activity over time; event flowcharts that depict data collected at periodic intervals; and final flowcharts that show the summary of all of the data collected in one or more departments. Depending upon the requirement of the network, the required template might vary. A Network Performance Diagram template, for example, might be created for a network management system that measures the bandwidth, latency, response time and packet loss. A Network Capacity Diagram template might be required when dealing with finite resources like capacity monitoring, in which the network manager needs to graph the usage of resources on a daily basis. This type of diagram has to be prepared daily and is a must to be submitted to departmental managers, so that they can make any necessary adjustments. Simple network planning can thus be a challenge if the network has many departments.

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