Free Simple Postcard Template

Free Simple Postcard Template


One of the most common and easy to use formats is the simple postcard template. A template is simply a piece of paper with some blank space on the front, back and sides. Most of the time this consists of a basic rectangular box that has four corner flaps that are almost always white. Often the template will also have a flap that runs across the top of the box that can be used for a logo or some sort of description. There are many reasons to use a template for your mailing list.


A great thing about using a postcard template is the fact that they are extremely easy to make yourself. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist in order to do it. The reason that a postcard template is so popular is because anyone can make them in a matter of minutes by purchasing the template and all the necessary materials. This is a huge advantage over making one from scratch, which is also simple but takes forever.


Another big advantage is the fact that it’s extremely inexpensive. If you buy a template, then all you really need to do is get the postcards printed, mail them out and then make any changes as needed. It really couldn’t be much easier than running your own mailing list.

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