Free Simple Product Comparison Chart Template

Free Simple Product Comparison Chart Template


There are some people who feel that they are able to effectively conduct an effective product comparison without having to resort to the use of a template. They feel that the way things have been done in the past is how things should always be done and that there’s no need for them to learn another software package just to do the comparison. Well, this may work as long as the people using the template are able to make use of it properly but if the end user does not understand the reason behind the creation of the template then they will find themselves wasting their hard earned income on a useless product. This is especially the case if they had purchased the template only to find out that it cannot be successfully used. In the past, people would create the templates themselves by using Microsoft Word or Open Office and then edit the information therein.


With the advent of the age of the internet, there are now a number of tools available on the internet which enables users to generate a simple product comparison chart from easily accessible data. Such tools include the excel spreadsheet and the graph’s template. These templates are both very useful and can be used to compare all kinds of goods or services on the basis of their price, availability and features. They are extremely user friendly and require little or no customization at all on the part of the user in order to use them.


One can also opt for a combination of the two templates so that they can create a comprehensive and very effective product comparison chart which will provide for a very good insight about the price, availability and features of different items or services. One just needs to provide the base data for the comparison chart such as the name and address of the wholesaler or distributor, name and address of the retailer, stock in type and quantity, the unit price per item, the list of the products or services which are currently being offered by the wholesaler or distributor and a few columns for showing the different categories which the wholesaler or distributor falls into. Once the user has filled in these fields, he just needs to click on the ‘chart’ button and he will get a good looking template which will allow him to quickly and easily create a product comparison chart. This is one of the simplest methods of making use of the excel spreadsheet template and is a very effective method of creating product comparison charts without any hassle.

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