Free Simple Proposal Gantt Chart Template

Free Simple Proposal Gantt Chart Template

This simple proposal template was created for a Gantt chart of a website. This is one of the very best proposal format to use if you are intending to make an online proposal to a client or investor. Gantt charts are quite simply the graphical representation of the project and the time-boxed tasks associated with it. You can create a Gantt chart from scratch using your spreadsheet program, or a ready made template which that you can buy from an online provider. There are a number of places where you can get a template to fit your needs, but the easiest place to get one is from an internet provider who offers a range of different such programs.


It is important when creating a proposal that you keep things simple. The reason this template was designed is that a large part of a successful proposal is in the deliverables themselves; by keeping it simple, the investor will be more likely to read through the whole document and digest it properly. If he or she finds it confusing then they are unlikely to proceed with your deal, after all, a good idea isn’t going to convince anyone if you cannot understand what you are trying to say.


In order to use this template effectively, you first need to fill in the blanks. These will be the issues or topics that you want to discuss in your proposal. This means writing down the prices to be paid for your services, how much you will charge per hour, how many clients you will serve in a month etc. Once you’ve filled in these sections, you then need to add a title to the proposal, which will be the first line of text that comes up on the screen and it should also tell the reader what the proposal is about and why they should buy your service.

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