Free Simple Team Gantt Chart Template

Free Simple Team Gantt Chart Template

A Simple Team Gantt Chart Template is a chart that provides information for the management team of a business, showing the progress of projects. The basic concept behind this chart is to show how much time a team member has spent on a particular project and also showing how much progress has been made by that team member. This allows the management to understand how their staff are spending their time on certain tasks and also allowing them to track how much effort they are putting into the different projects within the business. The information presented in the chart is clear and easy to read which allows any employee to see where they stand within the business.


Each project that is completed must be recorded within the Gantt chart so that the manager or head of the department can see at a glance how the progress of the project is being made. It is important that each project is tracked separately so that there is no mistake made when it comes to assigning a certain person(s) to a project, as they might spend half the day working on something that you did not expect them to be working on. The template used should have spaces in it for the date, the name of the team member, the expected completion date and also the progress of the project. You would want to record these dates in the morning of the date that you expect completion to take place.


The template that you choose should have lines and bars for each item on the chart. You will then want to chart each item in order of priority. This will allow you to easily see who is completing the most work on a given project and you will also be able to see which person is falling behind in terms of completion. You could then move that person back as well as assign someone else to take on the job of completing the next task on the list. This way you can make sure that all deadlines are met and that none of the team members are wasting valuable time on tasks that do not need to be completed.

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