Free Soccer Digital Signage Template

Free Soccer Digital Signage Template

Soccer Digital Signage is an electronic template for a soccer team’s digital signing program. This template makes it easier for you to do your signing exercises from the comfort of your own home without having to leave the comfort of your office or store. It is important for every team, aspiring or already established, to have an official digital signing program to help with communication between the team and its prospective members as well as for the legal aspects of copyrights and contracts.


The template is customizable to various formats for use in digital signatures. You can choose which player type that will best represent your club or team when a potential player signs up. You can also put in your own picture to give more credibility to your signing. In order to save time, you can even pick out what font style you want the text to be in so that it will be easy to read through a signed document. This template has the flexibility to be used with either Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign.


You can use this template for either a full year or for a specific date and you can even customize the template to make it more suitable for your specific needs. You can print your digital signage using high quality ink and paper with a matte or glossy finish. Your customized template comes with a certificate of authenticity with your team’s log book, if the template is utilized for your club’s signing program. The template is an easy and quick way to make sure that every player signs in on time and for the right reason. It can also be used by any amateur or professional soccer team in order to ensure that every player is properly represented and paid accordingly during his career. This template not only makes things convenient for your players and fans but also helps in making sure that contracts and copyrights are properly protected.

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