Free Sports Training Desk Calendar Template

Free Sports Training Desk Calendar Template


A sports training desk calendar is a calendar that can be used in place of the normal notes that are usually placed on a sports training table. This type of template is useful for both students and coaches because they are light weight, portable and easy to use. They are also ideal for use when working with smaller groups. This calendar is one of the best options available for coaches and trainers who want to have something that is very effective at their disposal when it comes to planning and keeping track of their athletes.


This type of calendar is extremely easy to make and also fairly cheap compared to the other types of templates available. These calendar templates are available online and most websites will offer free templates that are easily edited to suit any taste or requirement. If you already have a lot of sports pages on your calendar then you can also have these calendars customized for a small fee. These are also ideal for using in gym and fitness clubs. The size of the template can vary and this means that you can get a calendar that is suitable for smaller or larger pages as well as being able to personalize it accordingly.


The customization options on the templates are very extensive and this means that you can add any event or tournament date that you like. You can also have the sports page inserted into the calendar in any colour as well as have the page border changed from the normal color scheme to your team’s colours. You can also choose which fonts and colours you want on the different parts of the template including the page background and border. These are particularly useful if you are going to be using these calendars for the purpose of using to track your athletes. You can change these aspects of the template anytime and whenever you feel like making them a little different.

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