A story book cover template is a generic form of book cover design that is designed to fit right inside the book itself. It usually has a basic pattern to it, and either has the name of the author and a picture of the work on the front or the title on the inside. The template is used so that a person looking at the cover would be able to immediately know what the contents of the book are. It is also used for covers of children’s books since these books do not have proper book cover designs. The template may only be used once, after which it becomes damaged and needs to be replaced with a new one.


There are many websites online that offer free templates for story book cover designs. All that a person has to do is search these sites and find the design that appeals to him. The only thing that the person needs to be cautious about when using such a template is making sure that it fits the kind of work that he is planning to make. For instance, if he is planning to write a fantasy novel, then a template that is designed for this kind of material would not be suitable. Likewise, a horror novel would not need a story book cover template that is meant for this kind of genre.


Another thing that people who use story book cover templates need to be careful about is that they make sure that they do not include any trademarked names of the authors or the works that they are intending to market in their cover. This can lead to legal problems for the publisher as well as the writer, since the copyright laws for both the parties are usually different. Trademarks can also be useful in protecting ones’ own works, but they should not be used as extensively as these two other things. For example, a photograph book cover template could use one image from a brand, but a logo from another company could end up being more beneficial in the long run.

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