Free SWOT Chart Template

Free SWOT Chart Template


A SWOT Chart Template is a graphical representation of the strengths and weaknesses of a particular nation or entity. It is a very powerful tool that enable decision makers to make better decisions faster, and at a shorter notice. This allows organizations to evaluate a short term or long term strategic impact of a country’s actions, in the context of their relative size, resources, threats, and opportunities.


In simpler terms, a SWOT analysis template allows the researcher to draw a simple, yet insightful bubble graph showing the relationships between various indicators. It then is up to the reader to determine which are the most important, or their perceived effects on the variables being analyzed. The simplicity of this format allows for quick and accurate interpretations by the reader, which is critical in the often-dense world of modern strategy and competing national interests.


One important function that the template allows for is to provide a visual illustration of a key feature or policy in a country’s history or strategic environment. A more complex example is a pest analysis showing the relationship between food shortages and the price level of basic commodities. In this case, the SWOT Chart template allows the researcher to clearly see the relationship between an economic feature and its effects on various variables. This would be impossible to draw in a more traditional way, or even to analyze in a laboratory. Also, the graphic representation allows the researcher to use the data for further analysis, or for application in the field as is needed.

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