Free Time Chart Template

Free Time Chart Template


Time Chart Template is a type of chart that shows the past and present values of a particular time period or calculation. It is basically a graphical representation, which can represent a certain data over a given period of time on the vertical axis and can also be analyzed on the horizontal axis. Time chart template comes in two forms, namely, Microsoft Excel version and HTML version. In the former, a plain text document with the formula is specified to get the data from the chart and in the latter, a graphic image of the chart is generated from an appropriate file format. Most of the time the above mentioned version is used for business and financial applications, while the HTML form is mostly used for educational and training purposes. Both the forms are equally good and useful for creating effective charts.


Using a time chart template is of great advantage to anyone who is required to create or modify a financial time line report, employee time line or any other type of chart that depicts data over a specific period of time. Even if the purpose or the data being presented does not require mathematical sophistication, it would still prove to be very useful as the generated graphic image will give you a graphical view of the data which you are required to present. This can help you in presenting data in a more simplified manner. It also saves your precious time when you have to create and modify charts on your own. Also, by the use of a template, you can save a lot of money that you would spend on hiring a professional chart designer or a computer graphic artist to create the chart for you.


Nowadays there are scores of companies offering chart templates. But before buying or downloading a template from any such website, you should ensure whether it is accurate or not. Reading the reviews and testimonials of other customers about a particular time chart template is one way of locating the best template that suits your needs. You can even ask your friends and relatives if they have heard of or used a particular chart template which they are very satisfied with.

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