A vintage book cover template could be the missing component in your book creation, or the core component if you already have the book itself created. With a template, your project can be completed in a matter of hours, not days. And, once you have created a template, there will be no need to write new titles, creating an endless supply of ready-made covers. You simply choose which template you would like to use, enter your book’s cover design into the program, and the program does the rest.


A great feature that many programs offer is the ability to print a PDF copy of the cover image when you are finished with the download. Many free programs allow this, while some may charge a little more. Generally, the quality of the prints are very good and usually include extras such as copyright information, a backpage for the table of contents, and a detailed list of all of the book’s pages. For those who have the funds to buy vintage book covers, however, this may not be necessary. Some programs have a feature that allows you to make as many covers as you want, and even print them all from a single template.


Another thing to consider in creating your own vintage book cover template for covers is the image itself. If you are using a stock photo, the quality may not be as important as the overall appearance of the cover. Use a fresh photo if you can, and make sure it was taken with good lighting. Also, you can often edit the photo to fit the dimensions of the page without making it look too crowded or cluttered. If you are using a picture of your pet, make sure it is an original. A little research on the background of your pet and its species can go a long way towards enhancing your image as well.

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