Free Wedding Favor Label Template

Free Wedding Favor Label Template


Wedding Favor Labels is very creative ways to display and label all those little souvenirs that are given out as a wedding favor. They are also great for giving out at a baby shower, wedding rehearsal dinner, bridal shower or even as thank you gifts to your guests at the end of the event. There are a variety of different templates to choose from, which makes it very easy to find something that suits both your budget and your theme perfectly.


Wedding Favor Labels are a great solution for wedding favors because they are unique, creative, and they are a lot cheaper than buying a personalized set. The most important thing when choosing a template is to make sure that it will fit the size of the favor itself. It should be cut slightly larger than the favor so that it can fit inside. If the favor is too small then it won’t be seen as a special favor, but if the template is too big then it will look out of place. You will have to take the time to measure your favors before you go shopping for a template because they are all different sizes.


Wedding Favor Labels is available at most craft stores or online sites that sell decorative items. Just search for them on a search engine such as Google and you will get a good list of places to buy them from. Make sure that you choose a template that you like and that you can use again. This is especially important if you are going to be giving them away as gifts to your guests.

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