Free Wedding Wine Label Template

Free Wedding Wine Label Template


A wedding wine label template can save you a lot of time and expense when you are creating a wine label for your own wedding. If you already have a printed out wine label, all you need to do is simply print out the same one (or several) on card stock using your home printer. Then laminate the resulting piece of card stock in order to protect it from a table or other flat surface, and then attach the tag to a long piece of ribbon that can be tied around the handle of your wine bottle. You will then be able to create your very own personalized wedding wine tag.


It is not as difficult as it may sound to make a wine label template, especially if you can spare an afternoon. There are a number of resources that will teach you how to do this, including software that you can purchase for a nominal fee, or you can also find free examples on the Internet. Once you have all of your equipment set up and running, the process will become quite simple. The important thing that you must keep in mind is that you want to create a template that will serve as the centerpiece for all of the other bottles you will put into your wine bottle design. This means that all of the other bottles in the design should coordinate with the type of bottle you choose to use, so the layout, type, and color of the tags will be uniform.


The best wine label templates are going to be those that are created by professional designers, because these professionals know exactly what is required to create a beautiful template for a wedding tag. Some examples of such a designer would be Kinkos, but they do charge quite a bit for their services. Another place to look would be eBay, where you can find a huge selection of professionally made templates at very reasonable prices. So, take some time to find a template that meets your needs, and then use it as an example throughout all of the other bottles you will be using them for. This way, you will create a truly unique set of tags that will make your tags stand out from all of the others.

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