Free Weekly Task Schedule Template

Free Weekly Task Schedule Template

If you’re like me, then you’re probably wondering how to make a weekly task schedule in Excel. Making a weekly job schedule in Excel is not as hard as it may seem at first. There are several different potential applications for a weekly task schedule template. I have compiled several templates for both Microsoft Excel 2021 and Microsoft Word that are simple to use, customizable and print, without any charge, on the web. Each of the templates I’ve used have made my job easier and more efficient.


The first of my three-week task planning system was made using Microsoft Excel. After entering in the job title and description in the input fields, I decided to go one step further and enter in the start date too. I actually had to modify my original template in order to take care of some odd dates around a holiday. The next step in the process was to input in the tasks themselves. Tasks can be classified in several ways; daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. Once the tasks are entered, a drop down list appeared, allowing me to organize my weekly task list better.


When I went back into my spreadsheet, the original template I had created in Excel, I organized all of my jobs by the type of task, making it much easier for me to locate the job I needed to do that week. This template also helped me stay on track with my goals for each week. It also showed me exactly when my tasks were due to be completed, allowing me to schedule my time accordingly. After a few weeks, I decided to consolidate all of my information into a single Excel file, saving the template as a PowerPoint presentation. With the template I’ve used so far, I now have a handy reference for my task calendar and I’m sure that I will find other applications as I continue to work through my week.

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