Free Yearly Project Management Gantt Chart Template

Free Yearly Project Management Gantt Chart Template

A popular method of project management is the use of a Gantt chart, which compares how many projects are performed by a team per year. Each team member is assigned a role in the creation and maintenance of the project. The chart is used to show progress towards deadlines and goals within a time frame. Project management software can be used to create and customize these charts, or it may be done manually in a spreadsheet or HTML formats. One advantage of using a template is that the data required for each team member is already pre-generated and can be easily manipulated into a format that is easy to read and understand.


Most project management software has the option of freely downloading and using a free gantt chart template. However, not all software provides this facility. Before choosing a chart software, it is important to check if the template is suitable for the type of graph used in the software. Some chart software only support one type of chart, while other excel formats are provided with several different types. The choice of the software depends on the level of detail required in creating the chart.


Calendar based charts are helpful in showing project managers the sequence of daily tasks associated with a particular period of time. Calendar based charts can also be useful when combined with other charts such as those that display the sum or ratio of the total tasks against the number of days they took to complete. Calendar based charts are particularly useful for project managers who need to understand the progress of the projects on a yearly basis.

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