Gym Flyer Template

Gym Flyer Template


If you are new to home fitness gyms, you probably need to purchase a gym flyer template in order to use at home to plan your exercising routine. You can use these flyers for planning out your exercise schedule, as well as get an idea of the number of people that may be interested in using the gym in your area. With these types of flyers, you have a much better chance of getting your desired results.


A gym flyer template usually consists of two pages. On the front, there are usually a front and a back page. The back page usually has space for photos, fitness tips and ideas. The size of the flyers is determined by the area you live in. If you live in a fairly large city, you probably will want to use a larger flyer so that it can serve as a smaller piece of advertising on vehicles, billboards and public areas. If you live in a small town, a small flyer will do.


You should also have a section where you include all of your pricing information. This will help potential customers decide if you are a good value for their money. Include the name of your gym, phone number and address. This will give customers an easy way to contact you, as well as helping you keep track of any client inquiries. Once you have your flyers printed, you can just fold them up and toss them in the trash!

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