The Insurance Business Media Kit template provides a number of common features, which are designed to save time and money, and which will ensure that your media kit is delivered on time. The template contains several different templates, including one for a basic insurance business plan, one for a standard policy manual, and one which provides a template for an audit report. Because all templates are designed to save time and money, you will also find that they have been created by insurance professionals who specialize in their particular area of expertise. Many of these experts will be able to provide you with additional advice and resources to help you understand what you are required to include in your media kit, as well as any additional information and recommendations that they can give you. There are several advantages to working with an expert, instead of just selecting a template from which you have created the content that you need, but you should keep in mind that even this expert may not know all of the specifics required to successfully deliver your media kit.


An insurance business media kit will usually include the completed policy, a full disclosure policy, a policy manual, and possibly a collection of documents related to your business, such as your indemnity policies. Depending on the coverage level that you have selected, the package will also contain miscellaneous items, such as a specimen report, a claim biography, and a policy fact sheet. If the coverage level that you select requires an audit to be conducted before a policy is written, you should also expect to receive a policy fact sheet along with the media kit. This fact sheet should provide the needed information to the audiologist, so that a complete report can be prepared. If a physical examination is required, it should include diagnostic findings, a history of health issues that your company has faced, and a final report that provides recommendations on treatment. All of the content provided in the media kit should be consistent with the policies that you have selected.


Once you have received your media kit, it is important that you understand and completely understand how to use it before you begin distribution of your media kit. If you are unfamiliar with distribution methods, it may be in your best interest to consult with a professional distribution company so that you do not become overwhelmed with media kit distribution responsibilities. A professional company will not only make sure that your media kit reaches your target audience, but they will also ensure that the distribution process goes smoothly and effectively.

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Insurance Business Media Kit Template
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