Meeting Memo Template

Meeting Memo Template


A meeting memo template is one that outlines the basic elements required for a good, effective, and persuasive meeting memo. These elements should include an introduction; body content; closing; and resources. All of these topics are vital to creating an effective meeting memo and will help to ensure that your memo gets the response you want and needs to be effective.


The introduction of the meeting memo is critical because it is the first thing that your recipient is going to see when the message is received. If the introduction is poor or falls short of expectations, your recipient may feel that your message was poorly written and/or not addressed to him/her specifically in the way that you expected. This could cause your meeting to be less productive than if your introduction is strong and well-written. In addition, your introduction should make your point and provide information about the meeting.


Finally, and arguably the most important part of a meeting memo, is the body content. Your body content is the most important part of your message as it is the part that will be distributed with the meeting documents. The body content must be informative and supportive of the goals of the meeting; however, it does not need to be redundant. If the body content is well-written and provides additional information to the reader then your message will likely be well-received and contain the specific information your recipient was seeking.

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