A relocation memo is a formal written communication from an individual or a group of individuals on the process of relocation. These are very important documents that are submitted to the management during the shifting of business from one location to another. The main purpose of such a document is to indicate the specific timeframe in which the company needs to complete the whole relocation process. This is especially significant because most commercial real estate deals have very specific time frames involved in them and hence these documents help in comparing the progress being made with the time frame specified by the owner of the property concerned.


A relocating company needs to create a standard template for each and every document that they are required to submit with their clients so that the content is consistent. This ensures uniformity in the formatting across all the documents. Most template providers offer templates that are ready to use. However, there are certain things that an employee would need to ensure before using a ready-made template. Most often, these include the inclusion of the names and addresses of all employees who will be involved in the relocation process, an outline of each individual’s responsibilities in relation to the entire project, and the exact dates on which the documents are to be completed.


Most template providers will provide both verbal and written instructions. However, it is advisable to keep a copy of every verbal instruction in the document just in case it is required. It should also be kept in mind that most residential properties require a letterhead addressed to the company and a copy to be sent to the employees concerned. A printed copy of this document can also be used as a reference by employees whenever required. In short, a relocation template serves as a tool for organizing information in the best possible way for all relocation activities.

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Memo On Company Relocation Template
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