One Page Policy Memo Template

One Page Policy Memo Template


One Page Policy is a simple template that businesses can use for the purpose of establishing a single policy for all of their business-related documents. This template will help you save time and money by helping you determine which of your business’ documents need to be covered under a particular policy and how much coverage is needed. If your business is one with several departments then setting up different policies for each department can be very time consuming. This template helps you set up just one policy for all your documents thus saving you valuable time.


The One Page Policy template has been created to simplify the process of writing a standard policy so that it can be used in the future by your company without having to rewrite or update the policy each time you add or remove any document to your business arsenal. You can use the One Page Policy to write a standard policy that covers all your company’s documents. This includes all of your business contracts such as your Memorandums of Association, your operating agreements, your purchase order agreements, your Supplies and Equipment warranties, your Service contracts and all of your other standard operating procedures. You can also use this policy to define your policies such as what type of information is confidential and what type of contracts you will not enter into.


The One Page Policy template is available in many different formats. Most people will choose to download the template in Microsoft Word. Once they have saved the template in their computer, they can then print the template out on the desired document. The templates generally take between five and eight seconds to download and then you can print them out on the required date. The printing process is very quick. One of the best features of the template is that if you need to make any changes, you simply select the “change” link that is located within the document and the change will be applied to the contents of the page immediately.

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