Play School Flyer Template

Play School Flyer Template


Play School Flyer Template by James Jones is a Photoshop a4 inches by a4 inches file that can be used to create professional looking posters and can also be used for school assignment. This template features an Illustrator file that can be adjusted to fit any size in order to fit your requirements. A specialized “size” option allows the user to change the shape of the image making it easier to create something that is customised to your needs. The images included are of a high quality, so even if you are not that skilled at Adobe Photoshop you will easily be able to create a professional looking poster from the design.


The Play School Flyer Template is created in Photoshop and as said earlier is designed to be used for school assignment. There are several things you can do with this Adobe software program to create professional looking posters such as the adjustment of color and light effects, crop and rotate features, and also apply a chromatic aberration effect. These options can be used to create some great looking posters, especially if the illustration is done in a lighter shade of color. If the poster is created in a darker shade, it will be hard to appreciate the image as well as if the colors have been adjusted in a way that makes the image look like a brush painting.


Another nice feature of this template is that all the schools, organisations and businesses that use the Play School Flyer Template will receive the same template. This means that when you have a need to make more school flyers you won’t have to waste time searching through all of the different designs of logos or designs available. You can save money by purchasing a template that has already been created by another designer. If you need to create more flyers you can either ask the designer to make more or ask the original designer to create more. This will save you time and money because no one else will be creating them for you! Using the same template will allow for continuity on your end as well.

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